Wd My Book Live Hdd Replace

Wd my book live hdd replace

Hello community, My WD My Book Live failed.I took the HDD apart (unfortunately the drive was one of those awful Caviar Green drives and there's no warranty) and placed it on an external docking xn----7sbabhdjm5bc4be1amle.xn--p1ai drive cannot b.

I have a My Book Live Duo 8TB Personal Cloud Storage NAS. One HDD failed. It's a 4TB HGST 0f This is the first NAS I owned so I have some basic questions: Can I replace the faulty HDD with any 4TB drive, or. I have a Western Digital My Book Live 2 TB Personal Cloud Storage Drive. It fell from a desk, green light was still on at time examined. A couple minutes later, however, the red was solid red.

I plug out the device from the wall then plug it in back.

Wd my book live hdd replace

I heard clicking sounds and notice that the status indicator hasn’t change to green. I’m comtemplating replacing the hard-drive, but I’d. Western Digital My Book Live. A series of Gigabit NAS desktop drives of 1TB, 2TB, and 3TB varieties, made by WD in The WD My Book Live is a network-attached storage (NAS) device that allow you to store files and backups from any computer connected to your home network.

To use the device, plug in the AC power adapter and attach an Ethernet cable from the port on the back of the My Book Live to a port on your router as shown in the xn----7sbabhdjm5bc4be1amle.xn--p1ai can configure the settings of the device (date, users, public. Upgrading to a larger hard drive. WD Legacy Products. My Book Live. dr_diem.

October 15,am #1. Hi all, I’ve a MyBook World Edition with a 1TB drive (a WD Caviar Green WD10EACS), and I’m wondering if anyone has experience in replacing that drive with a larger model in the exact same WD Caviar range of drives (e.g. WD20EARX. Hi All, I recently bought a WD MYBOOK LIVE DUO 4TB NAS which came with 2 * 2TB WD Green HDDs.

I would, now, like to upgrade these HDDs with 2 * 6TB WD RED NAS HDDs. To enquire about the possibility and the correct procedure, I sent an email to WD Customer Support 4 days ago but have not recieved an answer. Therefore I was wondering if some one else has had any such luck or.

a) Western Digital Hard Drive(IDE) PCB Swap Replacement Guide: Western Digital Hard Drive PCB Swap Guide(WD IDE HDD) REV A is the board number should to be match. b) Western Digital Hard Drive(") PCB Swap Replacement Guide: Western Digital Hard Drive PCB Swap Guide(WD Laptop HDD).

Jul 24,  · Western Digital My Book Live NAS Assembly After disassembly - Replace HDD Saurabh Kumar. WD MyBook Repair - Replace the Hard Drive -. hi all. im looking to rebuild my MBL after trying some things and breaking the OS. just wondering if its possible to use the MBL with a 4TB HDD?

rather than the 3 thats in it. i still have FTP and SSH access, so i will just ftp the data over to the newly rebuilt data partition or my pc, and then to the MBL after its up and going. but, i want to know beforehand if it wll work, as the drives are. Jan 02,  · How I rescued my data from a 3TB WD My Book External Hard Drive - Duration: D.G Pictures 79, views. "WD My Book Live" NAS Disassembly - How to open, take out Hard disk. Jul 16,  · Step by step disassembly video of Western Digital My Book Live NAS 2TB model.

Assembly video here - xn----7sbabhdjm5bc4be1amle.xn--p1ai Same way for other storage v. Mar 25,  · automatic book community digital dvd edition files forum ftp home ipkg irc kernel links login my mybook mybooklive mybookworld nas optware php repair rescue ssh sync unison webdav western world. Add a new page. Change HDD in MBL?? Forum» Forum / My Book Live» Change HDD in MBL?? Started by: Campoozmstnz Date: Number of. List of all WD firmware and software available for download.

Sep 14,  · Several weeks ago, when cleaning the house, I am accidentally drop my WD MyBook world when trying to rearrange its location in the house. This ending up damaging the hard disk causing me a lot of data lost. Luckily, some of the necessary data already been backing up on another NAS (Synology 2-Bay drive). Jun 08,  · Get cash back when you shop: xn----7sbabhdjm5bc4be1amle.xn--p1ai?eeid= xn----7sbabhdjm5bc4be1amle.xn--p1ai I recently needed to removed the drive from a Western Digital My Book External USB/eSATA drive enclosure.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t an obvious process and this excellent article by Scott Cramer didn’t apply to the newer version (1 TB drive) enclosure I have. So here you go, the steps required to disassemble a new-style Western Digital My Book drive enclosure. Dec 04,  · My site: xn----7sbabhdjm5bc4be1amle.xn--p1ai In this video I show you how I removed the 2TB Western Digital WD20EARX drive from it's external USB 2/3 enclosure to be.

Feb 11,  · Product update for My Book Live. Important: Before updating to the latest firmware, it is recommended that you’ve installed the latest updates and service pack on your computer. For Windows®, go to the Start menu and select Windows Update; For Mac®, go to the Apple® menu and select Software Update. Feb 14,  · Forum» Forum / My Book World Edition (white light)» Replace 1TB for 2TB or 4TB? Started by: torrero Date: Number of. IBERLS 12V Plug Adapter Replacement Western Digital Wd External Hard Drive HDD Power Supply Cord for My Book Av DVR Expander, Live Personal Cloud, Studio, Essential Elements 1tb-6tb, TV Media Player 12V 2A AC Power Adapter Transformer Charger Compatible WD My Book Essential External Hard Drive 4TB 3TB 2TB 1TB Charger Power CordReviews: Feb 09,  · Western Digital MyBook Duo: Replace Hard Drives So, it turns out that I under-estimated the amount of space I needed, so now it's time to upgrade the two 2GB HD"s that came with the MyBook Duo.

Click the WD Quick View icon in the menu bar and move the cursor over the name of your My Book Live drive to display drive status below the submenu: Launching WD SmartWare (Windows only) If WD SmartWare is installed, select the WD SmartWare option on the WD Quick View menu to display the WD SmartWare home screen. Ways to contact WD support. Oct 25,  · P/N: WDBFJKHBK Default WD My Book 12PID REV I cut the Vcc lead (pin 8) from the EEPROM, and the device detects as USB Mass Storage Device VID 04D9 PID 20and disables the goofy 4k sector translation mode as well, so regularly written e drives >2Tb actually read correctly.

Hope this is useful. Equipped with WD Backup software for Windows and Apple Time Machine compatibility for Mac, the My Book desktop hard drive can back up your photos, videos, music, and documents. Password Protection The My Book drive’s built-in bit AES hardware encryption with WD Security™ tools helps keep your content private and safe. IBERLS 12V Plug Adapter Replacement Western Digital Wd External Hard Drive HDD Power Supply Cord for My Book Av DVR Expander, Live Personal Cloud, Studio, Essential Elements 1tb-6tb, TV Media Player out of 5 stars I bought 2 4TB My Book Essentials, I took the disk out and replaced them with a GB Seagate, and a HSGT 2TB.I never had any problem.

They once had a Toshiba and 3TB WD Green. No problem either. Ninja edit: My enclosure are the Essentials, not the My Book. Mar 14,  · Step by step disassembly video of Western Digital My Book Live NAS 2TB model. \r Assembly video here - \r Same way for other storage variants of wd mbl. Replacing or Upgrading the hard drive in your WD My Cloud ***** WARNING: Performing this process will cause the total loss of any data on your hard drive.

Save anything that you wish to keep, BEFORE performing any of the steps outlined in this article or in the attached video. I have a several year old WD my book Live that is having problems - I can't connect to it (it's a nas / ethernet device) It's out of warranty. I took it apart and ran crystal disk info on the hard drive. it's failing / got smart errors. It seems I can't just put in a new hard drive, huh? The unit's OS is on the hard drive. Apr 24,  · Maybe you used the drive from a Western Digital My Book enclosure in your NAS and now you have a spare one.

The problem until now was, that the controller board didn't accept third party drives to function with. We found a hack that changes the situation. DIY: Replace hard drive in My Book Studio Firewire enclosure. My Passport; My Cloud Home; My Cloud; My Book; Internal Drives / SSDs; WD Elements / WD easystore; Embedded & Removable Flash; WD ReadyView; Legacy & Other Products; Downloads WD Software; Product Firmware; Product Downloads; Warranty & Returns Warranty Services; Warranty Policy; Data Recovery; Shipping Addresses.

The My Book™ Duo drive has massive capacity for storing photos, videos, documents and music. RAID-0 mode provides super-fast performance with up to MB/s2 sequential read speeds (using the USB Type-C™ port). Switch to RAID-1 configuration for redundancy and to mirror data on the WD Red™ drives inside. A USB Type-C port with all cables included makes it universally compatible (supports.

Similar situation is with WD My Book World Edition I White Light or with my previous HDD that has stopped working. How to recover or rebuild firmware of bricked WD My Book World Edition White Light or install/replace brand new hard disk(s)?

Ubuntu x Live CD or other. Easy to Use — My Book desktop storage is ready to use out of the box so you can start transferring files, saving your memories and backing up right away. It comes with all the software you need to help protect your data, including WD Backup and WD Security software and is compatible with Apple Time Machine. About Your WD Drive My Book User.

Pros: date of review I purchased this 3TB Network Attached drive on It is still working. My only issue is that it is not big enough and I kinda keep waiting for it to die so that I can buy another bigger network drive from western digital. Using Win 10 on new SSD, WD My Book Backup SW does not work. WD My Book HW recognized by CPU, could manually copy files, but unable to do full backup. WD Backup SW could "not find device" REPEATEDLY, even w/ tech "support".

2 hours on the phone w/ 3 different WD support techs with such strong Indian accents that they were unintelligible. Jul 29,  · Best professional storage external drive: Western Digital My Book Duo If you want a more robust, long-term external drive, Western Digital’s MyBook Duo is a great choice.

WDBBGBHBK-NESN - My Book 6TB External USB Hard Drive. Manufacturer.

Wd my book live hdd replace

5TB WD My Passport USB Portable External Hard Drive (Black) $ + Free Shipping 61 • 52 1TB WD Blue 3D NAND ” SATA Solid State Drive + Free 32gb Cruzer USB Flash Drive - $ Instructions to disassemble a Western Digital MyBook Essentials USB external hard disk drive.

This is a dead (no longer functioning) Western Digital MyBook USB External Hard Disk Drive. It is the GB model. I am going to replace the drive with an identical spare (that works). A line of external hard drives by Western Digital, styled after hardbound books. Available in various editions from Essential, to Premium to World Edition.

Western Digital My Book troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals. Feb 05,  · Im planning to replace the hard drives on my WD My Book World Edition II. Ive bought the WD Caviar Red to replace the current hard drive.

but when i opened the enclosure, i see that the current disk inside is WD Caviar Green. My question is. If you have the TB My Book with a similar looking case, you should be able to disassemble it using the same (or similar) technique that I use in this tutorial. If the case looks drastically different and you are nervous about damaging your hard drive, don't be. You can do a lot of damage (from prying) to the case without touching the hard drive.

2. MY BOOK LIVE USER MANUAL PRODUCT OVERVIEW –3. Product Overview. About the Drive Features About WD’s Online Learning Center Package Contents System Requirements. Jul 02,  · The 2TB MyBook Live is an interesting desktop NAS, as it packs not only a 2TB HDD but also Debian Lenny on some peculiar hardware: A WD Caviar Green 2TB desktop hard drive with 64MB cache, using "IntelliPower" technology.

The warranty for your Western Digital product varies depending on product model. You may find the applicable warranty for your product via the product detail webpage, in your product documentation or by contacting our support team. Browse by product below to find your specific product. © Western Digital Corporation or its affiliates.

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Wd my book live hdd replace

The tech there informed me that my circuitboard has went out and that i would need to replace the circuitboard if I wanted the data off my drive. That is the only way to get power to my drive is to replace the board.

WD sais they dont manafacture those drives anymore (remember Ive had this drive for four years) So basically I need a new.


Wd my book live hdd replace